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Review of "The Book on Marx That Arendt Never Finished" in Boston Review

Geoffrey Wildanger reviews The Modern Challenge To Tradition: "Hannah Arendt’s unfinished book on Marx offers a timely philosophical dialogue for our era of economic precarity."

News from Apr 17, 2019

"In this era of economic precarity and resurgent authoritarianism, it is unsurprising that both Karl Marx and Hannah Arendt occupy a central place in many readers’ minds—and a lingering one on their nightstands. Sales of Capital boomed following the 2008 financial crisis, and Donald Trump offers good reason to read The Origins of Totalitarianism. It is fitting, then, that the new Critical Edition of Arendt’s complete works begins with this, a volume of fragments from an unfinished book originally planned to be called Karl Marx and the Tradition of Political Thought."

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