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Interview with the Editors und Review of Volume 6 in the Current Issue of "Arendt Studies"

Barbara Hahn, James McFarland, and Thomas Wild on the Critical Edition and Jana Schmidt's review of Volume 6 The Modern Challenge to Tradition.

News from Sep 24, 2019

"The following interview with Barbara Hahn, James McFarland, and Thomas Wild offers insights into the aims and challenges of this ambitious project. The interview is followed by a review essay on The Modern Challenge to Tradition by Jana Schmidt, who argues that Arendt's work of the early 1950s is perhaps the most fertile period of her work, setting the stage of many of Arendt's subsequent projects." Introduction by James Barry

Hannah Arendt – Complete Works, Critical Edition in Digital and Print. An Interview with Barbara Hahn, James McFarland, and Thomas Wild, in: Arendt Studies, Volume 3, 2019, 9-14.

Jana Schmidt: "A Field Where Everything Appears" – The Modern Challenge to Tradition: Fragmente eines Buchs, in: Arendt Studies, Volume 3, 2019, 15-21.

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  • Barbara Hahn
  • Critical Edition
  • Hannah Arendt
  • Interview
  • James Barry
  • James McFarland
  • Jana Schmidt
  • Marx
  • Modern Challenge to Tradition
  • Review
  • Thomas Wild